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Design Tool


Three ways to get your orders customized

Our customers can personalize their product in three simple ways


1.     Select your desired product.

         Create your unique design in

         the design studio.





 2.     Select template

         Add template to product






 3.     Select predecorated design

         Add predecorated design to product







 Product Options

  We offer our customers various product attributes

such as colour, sizes, quantity and can select multiple 

  sides for printing.




Easy Customization.

We enable our customers to personalize their products in various ways.

They can upload and edit images of various formats, add and edit text in the tool,

select their own artwork from PC and create artworks on layers to make designing easy.


Image Edit: Customers can upload images of various formats and edit it to suit their needs.

Text Edit: Give customers options to choose from unlimited fonts, change text size and text color.

Artwork: Gives customers access to thousands of predecorated templates and clipart.

Layers: Customers can use this tool to add multiple design elements such as images and texts to create a design.


1. Image Edit.

Customers have multiple options to edit their images

they can also upload artwork of various formats and

upload images from various social media platforms.


Multiple File Formats 

Customers can upload images and artworks

of various file format such as png, jpeg, svg and more




Upload from Social Media

This allows customers to import images and artworks 

directly from social media channels such as facebook 

and instagram.



Low Resolution Warning

Users will get warned when they upload a  

low resolution image. They also have the  

option to continue or change the image.




2. Text Edit.

We provide our customers with unlimited fonts to customize,

 give them the option to change text color, size, text effect and

 add borders to text. 


Text Options.

Give your users unlimited fonts, options to customize product

with various text size, text color and text border.





Text Art.

This feature allows our customers to create amazing text arts

and effects such as curve text, arch text, bridge text and more.






3. Artworks

We give our customers options to customize their products using 

numerous artworks such as cliparts and predesigned templates.


4. Basic Tools & Layers

This provides our customers with a set of tools to help them

create and customize their products. The can flip, zoom, align

rotate and preview their designs on desired products.



Customers get a set of basic tools to create, modify and personalize

their designs on products.  







Users can add text, clipart, pattern and other design elements

in layers and make designing easy








Design Preview.

This allows our customers to view the end product of their designs

and gives them an idea of what it would look like in real-time.